A simple REST GeoService API
that return GeoJSON layers from database table/view
with alphanumeric coordinate columns

You won't need Spatial Databases or GIS server, neither big changes on your system.

It has been tested with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.

It is suitable for its use in OpenLayers, Leaflet, etc.

USE Geofier when...

...you have some table in the DB with coordinates (columns like "x_coord" and "y_coord" or columns like "lat" and "lon"),

...there are users that need to see this information on maps, and interact with it,

...and you can't (or prefer not to) install spatial databases (for example due to restrictions of the admins).


Geofier is libre software. Unless otherwise stated, all code are licensed under the GPL3 License.



Download the stable release Geofier v0.2 (Release Candidate 1) and just unzip on the web root folder.

If you want to install Geofier by hand use the official repository hosted on Github at http://github.com/nachouve/geofier.

After that, you will need to configure some parameters on "app/config.php" file.


Geofier Documentation

It is very easy to make Geofier working.

You can read the complete documentation with all details about how to install it, configurate it and how to use it.


Geofier Devel

Please help us to improve Geofier fixing bugs, making improvements, translating, etc.

Feel free to fork the official Geofier github repository and sending pull requests.

If you have programming skills you wouldn't find it difficult to understand Geofier code.

If you find a bug or you have any suggestion please create a new issue


Geofier Support

You can get professional support if you need some help to install, to configure and customize Geofier for your special project.

Please contact sending an e-mail.